Meaningful Seizure Frequency Reduction

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Substantial seizure reductions with the RNS® System

Greatest reductions in seizure frequency seen in any published neuromodulation study for focal epilepsy.2,3

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Patients showed ≥ 90% seizure reduction at 2 years.1

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Patients were seizure-free at last follow-up.1


“Gradually, things got better. I kept going back to see my epileptologist every six months and he would adjust the RNS System at each visit. After every appointment, I noticed that the seizures would be shorter and less intense.

Finally, after a couple years of not having any seizures, I got my driver’s license at age 27. That was really the landmark moment for me. I was totally over the moon.”


Backed By The Largest Prospective Neuromodulation Study in the Field of Epilepsy4

Through 9 years of follow up, patients continued to experience improving seizure reduction and enduring quality of life benefits.

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1. Razavi, et al., Epilepsia, 2020. 2. Elliott, et al., Epilepsy Behav, 2011. 3. Salanova, et al., Neurology, 2015. 4. Nair, et al., Neurology, 2020.

*Every individual’s seizures are different and results will vary.