Assess the Effects of Medications and Other Treatments

“Inaccurate seizure counts can make it difficult for clinicians to understand how to assess the efficacy of current treatments or move forward with changes in AEDs or other treatment strategies.” 1

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Early Assessment of Anti-Epileptic Drugs

Early Assessment of Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AEDs)

iEEG data recorded by the RNS System may provide an early assessment of whether an adjunctive AED is likely to improve seizure frequency.2
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Gain Insight into the Effects of Other Treatments

In two case studies, electrographic changes observed with RNS System data corresponded with improved clinical outcomes when assessing both the ketogenic diet and cannabidiol.3,4,†

Assessing the Ketogenic Diet

In this case study, a reduction in event detections by the RNS System was coincident with initiation of the ketogenic diet.3,†

Assessing the Ketogenic Diet

Assessing Epidiolex

Red arrow indicates initiation of Cannabidiol. Patient reported seizure freedom after initiation, which correlates with a decrease in number of event detections by the RNS System.4,†

Assessing epidiolex

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†This is a single patient case study and caution must be taken while interpreting results.