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RNS device

When medications don’t work, epilepsy can keep you from living the life you want.

The RNS® System is a smarter treatment option that opens new possibilities for adults with focal drug-resistant epilepsy. The device responds to your unique brain activity and gives your doctor valuable information to help personalize your epilepsy treatment.

How it Works


Fewer seizures means more living.

People living with the RNS System experience significant seizure reduction and report improvements in overall quality of life.1

What has fewer seizures meant for people living with the RNS System?

“I truly feel a sense of independence and excitement each day, like I have a new lease on life.” - Richard*

“I am no longer dealing with epilepsy alone. It's not just me trying to explain what's happening. My doctors can see it. It's unbelievable.” -Kimberly*

Take control. Get a more complete picture of your epilepsy.

The RNS System gives your doctor data that can help provide insights into your unique seizure triggers and tailor your epilepsy treatment.

What are some epilepsy insights that patients and their doctors have discovered?

Treatment that’s invisible to you— and everyone else.

The RNS System is designed to go unnoticed. It works in the background responding automatically to stop seizures before they start, freeing you to do more of what you love.

How does the RNS System work?

“Since my physicians turned on my RNS System, I don't notice any symptoms, any seizures; I don't know they're there. I almost wonder sometimes if I still have epilepsy.” - Danielle*

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1 : Nair, et al. Neurology, 2020.

*Every person’s seizures are different, individual results will vary.