The nSight Platform

Data Made Simple. Insights Made Clear.

The nSight Platform simplifies the RNS® System data experience, arming you with the information you need to provide personalized, data-driven patient care.


Streamline Patient Review

Review RNS System data, patient-reported seizures, and programming options integrated into one, easy-to-use report.

Discover Actionable Insights

View electrographic trends presented clearly and concisely to help you discover patient-specific insights.
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Track Clinic Outcomes

See your clinic progress at a glance with an aggregate summary of RNS System patient outcomes.

Inform Telehealth Visits

Securely access the nSight Platform online to review patient progress in clinic or at your home office.
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The nSight Platform gives you access to powerful reports and resources

  • Secure Online Platform
  • See and Sort RNS System Patients in Your Clinic
  • Track RNS System Patient Outcomes for Your Center
  • Access Patient-Specific Data, Trends, & Programming Options
  • Link to Detailed Patient Data on PDMS

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