There’s a smarter way to treat epilepsy.

Learn More About the RNS system

The RNS® System is the only FDA-approved epilepsy device that delivers personalized treatment by responding to abnormal brain activity and provides EEG data that can help improve patient care.

Life-Changing Outcomes

The RNS System can help patients achieve significant seizure reduction and quality of life improvements. 1, 2

Personalized Treatment

The RNS System responds to a patient’s unique seizure fingerprint— so patients
get the treatment they need, when they need it.

Empowering Insights

Data from the RNS System provides unprecedented visibility into seizure trends and triggers that can help physicians optimize patient treatment plans.

Hear What Physicians Are Saying

The RNS System is a treatment for adults with drug‑resistant focal epilepsy

NeuroPace In the News

1. Razavi, et al., Epilepsia, 2020. 2. Nair, et al., Neurology, 2020.